Seoul Outdoor and Adventure

Seoul is surrounded by over 30 mountains with the most noticeable one, Namsan Mountain, right in the middle of the city. Seoul also has many parks and other outdoor activities, Unesco World Heritage sites and cultural treasures throughout the city.

You may not notice it right away, but Seoul is full of nature. The Han River, beautiful parks, streams and mountains. The Cheonggye Stream in downtown Seoul is a great example of a breathing space that fits in seamlessly with the urban landscape. Some places are a little harder to find. Take Samneung Park for example, a hidden jewel in the middle of Gangnam business district, Samseongdong, housing several royal tombs, and definitely worthy of a visit. A great place to relax after shopping at nearby COEX or Gangnam Station.

Samneung Park

Samneung Park Samseongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Samneung Park is a Unesco World Heritage site and a royal mausoleum for King Seongjong, the 9th king of the Joseon Dynasty - a quiet retreat in the middle of the busy business district of Samseong.

Nanji Camping Ground

Nanji Camping Ground Mapo-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

Nanji Camping Ground is one of the only areas where you are allowed to BBQ by the river, so why not take advantage of the weather and grill away with friends! A favorite place with locals.

Han River Park and Outdoor Pool Yeouido

Han River Park and Outdoor Pool Yeouido Yeouido, Seoul Metropolitan City

Feeling like a swim? Seoul is a bit far from the coast, so luckily there are six public outdoor pools along the Han River. Yeouido Outdoor Pool is the largest one.

Jamsil Sports Complex

Jamsil Sports Complex Songpa-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

Seoul Olympic Stadium is the centerpiece of this gigantic complex, also called Jamsil Sports Complex, home to Jamsil Baseball Stadium, two swimming centers, an indoor sports facility and track field.

Secret Garden (Huwon)

Secret Garden (Huwon) Jongno-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

The Secret Garden (Huwon as it is referred to in Seoul's tourist literature) is an undoubted highlight, when visiting Changdeokgung Palace. The Secret Garden is one of Seoul's most photographed sights

Panmunjeom - DMZ

Panmunjeom - DMZ Gyeonggi-do, Seoul Metropolitan City

The border between South and North Korea is truly a historic place where you can feel the scars of war. Don't miss your chance to see the DMZ, as it is a Korea only experience!

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village Jongno-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

Bukchon Hanok Village is characterized by the prevalence of traditional wooden Hanok buildings, located close to Anguk Station, near Samcheongdong in the northern part of central Seoul.

Floating Islands

Floating Islands Seocho-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

Like giant, space-age lotuses resting on Seoul's major river, these artificial islets, the Floating Islands were designed by a local firm HAEAHN Architecture.

Hamilton Hotel Outdoor Rooftop Pool

Hamilton Hotel Outdoor Rooftop Pool Itaewon, Seoul Metropolitan City

One of the best kept secrets in Itaewon during summer. The pool is open from June to September every year, one can enjoy the skyline of the city while swimming in the rooftop pool of this hotel.

Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace Jongno-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

Changdeokgung Palace is listed as the UNESCO World Heritae site for its historical significance, simplicity and subtleness. People say it is the most beautiful of all four main palaces in Seoul.


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