Myeongdong Specialty Shops

Seoul is a unique shopping destination...WHY? It's the perfect blend of old and new, upscale and affordable, fast-fashion and customized designer Seoul, you can find anything as the city caters to every taste, style and wallet!

A large number of unique specialty shops can be found all around Seoul - in areas such as Hongdae, Apgujeong, Sinsadong, Myeongdong and Insadong. These shops sell customized items that cannot be found elsewhere, some of them also have an online shopping mall website and most of these specialty shops are run by young and up-coming individuals - fashion designers.In Korea, it is fairly easy to start your own business, so opening a shop has proven an attractive choice for many young people wanting to sell their own creations! Because of the nearby, giant wholesale market in Dongdaemun, it is easy for designers to get materials and they can stay updated on the latest trends. Specialty shops bring diversity and creativity to the city and makes Seoul a unique shopping destination!


ARITAUM Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

The ARITAUM cosmetics stores in Myeongdong and Hongdae, offer all cosmetic brands from Korean cosmetics company AMORE PACIFIC. There are several and some of the most popular ones would be IOPE and

Strawberry Mochi Isigoya

Strawberry Mochi Isigoya Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Rice cakes filled with the most amazing strawberries, who wouldn't want to try that? In Myeongdong, right opposite of the famous Hadongkwan soup restaurant you'll be able to try these heavenly sweet s


Frisbee Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Frisbee is an Apple Premium Reseller, this branch is located in Myeongdong, Korea's largest Apple specialist store. Customers can get their hands on all the latest products from Apple.


8 Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

8 is a trendy shoe shop in Myeongdong, specializing in shoes for women including flats, pumps, and boots. The store has an eye-catching pink signboard and an attractive window display.


PIKUCHA Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

PIKUCHA by Ojahwa has a collection of white T-shirts with graphics, created by the designer, Ojahwa. Characteristics of his graphics are limited use of colors and imaginative line drawings.


WWD Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

WWD stands for Woman's Wardrobe Daily. The shop has a bright and chic interior and is located in the heart of Myeongdong. WWD offers a collection of stylish clothes and accessories for women.


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