Seoul Multi-Brand Stores

Multi-brand stores in Seoul belong to a fairly new concept, however they are becoming very popular because they bring in new interesting brands and are the quickest in the industry to reflect the latest trends of the international fashion scene.

Multi-brand stores in Seoul set themselves apart from other highstreet fashion stores, providing customers with a unique shopping experience. International brands and select items are presented in a different way than usual - something Koreans love and rapidly adapt to. Some of the international brand items in most multi-brand stores tend to be a bit over-priced, but are worth browsing if you are looking for something different.


Addicted Apgujeong, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Addicted specializes in introducing unique European, forward-thinking brands. Addicted brings different styles together while keeping each of the brands' own identity and originality.


CAPO SPORTS NIKE Dongdaemun, Seoul Metropolitan City

Capo Sports Nike, located in Dongdaemun Shopping Town, is a store that specializes in soccer gear and sports items. The store not only offers Capo brand soccer gear, but also international brands.


BOY+ Gangnam-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

BOY+ is a select shop in Apgujeong. It is one of the trendiest specialty shops in Seoul collaborating with local Korean brands like: pushBUTTON and LICK MY LEGS, also including their own label; BOY+.

10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como Cheongdam, Seoul Metropolitan City

This is not just a place for consumption. It is a cultural space that encompasses fashion, arts, music, design, and lifestyle, which also functions as a gallery, bookshop and café.


LesMore Dongdaemun, Seoul Metropolitan City

LesMore is a multi-brand shoe store selling over 40 different shoe brands including Nike, Adidas and Converse. The LesMore Dongdaemun branch is located in the Dongdaemun Shopping Town.

Daily Projects

Daily Projects Cheongdam, Seoul Metropolitan City

Daliy Projects is a multi-brand concept space with a fashion select shop and exhibition space, one of the trendsetters of Seoul's creative community, housed in Cheongdam.

Sangsang Madang

Sangsang Madang Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Sangsang Madang is a cultural complex space, mixing pop culture with alternatives urban cultures. The main section of the Design Square displays products with unique and compelling design.


Åland Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

ÅLAND presents a variety of fashion cultures to many people as a multi-brand store with new fashion designers. Selling everything-clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.


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