Seoul Traditional Korean

Traditional Korean food is full of flavor and some of the most unique Korean dishes are still unknown to many outside Korea. Asia's best kept secret is said to be Korean food. In other words...a world of delicious food awaits you in Seoul!

It is hard to go wrong when eating at a traditional Korean restaurant but Korean restaurants typically specialize in one dish or a couple of dishes only. Many Koreans prefer little whole-in-the-wall establishments where the owner has cooked the same dish for 30 years, so if you can't find what you are looking for, find some of Seoul's best kept secrets among our profiles here. We have chosen a variety of restaurants serving great traditional Korean food that are tried and tested and will surely surprise you and maybe even convert you? Many of these traditional restaurants are located in cool Seoul neighborhoods and shopping districts so don't worry about moving accompany your shopping or sighseeing with lunch and dinners while you're out!


Luxury and Modern - Yet Affordable. Yongsusan is recognized as one of the top fine dining restaurants in the country. This restaurant is a must visit for anyone unfamiliar with Korean cuisine.


In the basement of Ssamzie-Gil Complex in the middle of Insadong lies one of the best Bibimbap restaurants in Seoul. this outpost of a famous Jeolla-do bibimbap stop is pretty darn pleasing.


This place is popular for its braised beef ribs and marinated crabs! Highly recommended are the marinated tender ribs and the crabs marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce. There are also various cassero