Seoul Modern Korean

Modern Korean food or Korean nouvelle cuisine has really taken off in recent years. Breaking away from the traditional focus on fermented foods, modern Korean food is an experience you definitely don't want to miss out on. Find some of the best here!

Modern Korean food is everything traditional Korean is not. Except for great taste, they are very different. Modern Korean is lighter, uses a variety of western cooking techniques and is more delicate with the seasoning, making their chosen ingredients shine. Presentation is Western, meaning smaller portion size and aestethically plated. Some people say it is basically a sophistication of traditional Korean cooking and in some ways it is not far off. But the best explanation would be to say that it is Western cooking techniques and philosophy applied to traditional Korean cooking and ingredients. Which one is better? It is just like saying what is better, a homemade hearty beef stew? Or a beautifully presented beef main course in a fine dining restaurant. They both taste great! Modern Korean food is flavorful, new and exciting and you'll be guaranteed to taste something you've never tried before. Many of the modern Korean restaurants profiled here all have great locations in main shopping and entertainment districts.


Soigne Seocho-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

Chef-owner Jun Lee has worked with Susur Lee, Thomas Keller and Jonathan Benno, all culinary superstars, and he has now opened his own restaurant Soigne right here in Seoul.

Viking's Wharf

Viking's Wharf Songpa-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Vikings Wharf is the No.1 Seafood buffet and lobster market in Seoul. Period. Only here are you able to enjoy the freshest seafood and lobster that cannot be found elsewhere in Seoul or the world.

Bistro Bon Modern Korean Restaurant

Bistro Bon Modern Korean Restaurant Yeoksam-dong, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Bistro Bon is the hottest place at the moment where you can discover various Korean traditional tapas with Korean craft beer, wine, and liquor at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Min's Kitchen Apgujeong

Min's Kitchen Apgujeong Gangnam-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

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If you go dining at Min's Kitchen you are in for a treat - this is upscale, modern Korean dining at its best! The restaurant is a popular choice for couples, special occasions and business dinners!

Min's Kitchen Sinchon

Min's Kitchen Sinchon Sinchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Chef Min-ji presents modern Korean dishes in a warm, sophisticated setting at her second Min's Kitchen branch restaurant in Sinchon, conveniently located near Hongdae.

Midnight Bistro Jubari Project

Midnight Bistro Jubari Project Itaewon, Seoul Metropolitan City

Spending a large part of the year overseas, Chef Kwon has brought back to Korea the finest culinary pleasures from his Worldwide journeys. Come in for a experience that you'll never forget....

Jung Sik Dang

Jung Sik Dang Apgujeong, Seoul Metropolitan City

The Michelin Guide is not published for Seoul City, but if it was, Jungsikdang would be in it. Chef Im Jungsik's second restaurant in New York CIty with the same name, has one Michelin star.


GAGA Samcheongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Owner Jeongsook Choi, has been very famous for her culinary talent and experience for the past 20 years. She offers special menus, customized for the purpose, budget, and preference of an occasion.


Chaegundaam Samseongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

One of Seoul's most famous vegetarian restaurants, Chaegundaam uses predominantly organic vegetables. Chaegundaam also serves vegetarian sushi and some meat dishes on request.

Poom Seoul

Poom Seoul Huam-dong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Haute Cuisine, both literally and figuratively - high up on the Namsan Mountain slopes sits a restaurant that has cultivated something of an international reputation.


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