Haebangchon Korean Barbecue

What can we say...Koreans love their meat. Korean barbecue is interactive, fun and most of all delicious! You can find some of the best and most popular barbecue restaurants among locals on our profiles. But be careful, you might get addicted!

The most popular dish among Koreans would probably be Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) with Soju. It is the quintessential Korean company dinner food choice, as well as a favorite food choice whenever a large party of people are dining together because it is so social. No visit to Seoul is complete without a visit to a Korean barbecue restaurant and it is even more fun if you bring your Korean friends so they can teach you the proper do's and dont's of Korean table manners.

Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant Haebangchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

With opening hours from 5pm to 5am! this Korean Barbecue restaurant in Seoul offers some of the best value and atmosphere we've come across! Prices are great and the staff is attentive and friendly.

Haebangchon Kogijib

Haebangchon Kogijib Haebangchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

This local restaurant is one of the best Korean barbecues in Itaewon. It is very popular with locals. The meat is deliciously juicy and the service is great.


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