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Sushi, donkatsu, teriyaki, ramen, bento, nigiri, soba, tempura....yes, we're talking Japanese Restaurants in Seoul! The loved and renowned Japanese cuisine has left its yummy footprints all around this city, Koreans love it and so do we.

When it comes to Japanese food and Japanese restaurants outside of Japan, Seoul is a paradise. Not only will you find an awesome mix of Japanese fusion food but also many authentic and modern Japanese cuisines in every corner of Seoul. Try these places popular with locals and visitors alike. Make sure you combine your dining with some neighborhood exploring.


Kanemaya Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Kanemaya is a trendy Japanese udon restaurant serving up some authentic udon soups and other classic Japanese every-day meal. Located just behind the famous Mural Alley in Hongik University area.


Tatsumizushi Yongsan-gu, Seoul Metropolitan City

You can taste custom-made sushi here. Other than the unique ingredients used, a special feature of this restaurant is that the sushi chef will make whatever sushi you order. You can see and experience

Myeongdong Tonkatsu

Myeongdong Tonkatsu Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

This was the first restaurant to introduce the famous fat Japanese-style pork cutlets to Korea. With a 30-year history of excellence, Myeongdong Tonkatsu's cordon bleu is the most popular item. If you

Strawberry Mochi Isigoya

Strawberry Mochi Isigoya Myeongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Rice cakes filled with the most amazing strawberries, who wouldn't want to try that? In Myeongdong, right opposite of the famous Hadongkwan soup restaurant you'll be able to try these heavenly sweet s

Okawa Sushi

Okawa Sushi Gwanghwamun, Seoul Metropolitan City

Tucked away in the basement of an unassuming building right next to Gwanghwamun Station lies Okawa Sushi, but there is nothing unassuming about the sushi at Okawa. This is a true gem!

Songwon Bokjib

Songwon Bokjib Jung-gu-, Seoul Metropolitan City

Eating 'fugu' puffer fish is widely viewed as the mealtime equivalent of Russian roulette. This classy Japanese-style fugu restaurant has been in business since 1966 and its signature dish is made by


Genroku Garosu-gil-Street, Seoul Metropolitan City

This tasty udon and soba noodle house is a franchise business, usually franchise restaurants have a slight negative perception among Seoulites but it's too good not to be mentioned on our site. In fa

Hakata Bunko

Hakata Bunko Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Hakata Bunko is tasty Japanese-style ramen noodles. Made by boiling pork bones for hours and hours, the result is a tasty flavor of meat, fat and marrow - add noodles and you have the perfect ramen.


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