Hongdae Restaurants

If you're planning a trip to Seoul, be prepared to EAT. Try the famous Korean BBQ in one of the many traditional Korean Restaurants in Seoul. Or why not dine modern Korean? And if you're not quite sure where to eat? Go where the locals go.

Seoul is a city that is proud of its variety of good food. There are hundreds, if not thousands of fantastic foodies in this city and accordingly, a wide range of tempting restaurants cater to your appetites. We've carefully selected an assortment of affordable, interesting and taste-bud challenging restaurants from traditonal to modern Korean, the classic Korean Barbecue must-try and a selection of the best Western Restaurants in Seoul. We've even hand-picked a few restaurants, perfectly suited for business lunch or perhaps dinner - all with a true taste of South Korea and Seoul...to impress your clients. From the trendy streets of Gangnam, Itaewon and Garuso-gil Street to the narrow alleys downtown Seoul, where small and charming is just as famous as the premium places boasting famous chefs. No matter which restaurant, eatery or food-stall you choose, you will surely come back for more. Come eat your heart out with the team behind My Destination Seoul - we're always hungry!

Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar

Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar is one of the most exciting, International Bars in the city bringing you fun events throughout the entire week, a place where you know you'll have fun...

Samgeori Butchers

Samgeori Butchers Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Samgeori Butchers is located in the heart of the heart of Seoul's Nightlife capital, Hongdae. If you have been craving Korean BBQ, look no further than Samgeori Butcher to start off your night...

Hakata Bunko

Hakata Bunko Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Hakata Bunko is tasty Japanese-style ramen noodles. Made by boiling pork bones for hours and hours, the result is a tasty flavor of meat, fat and marrow - add noodles and you have the perfect ramen.

aA Design Museum

aA Design Museum Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Part museum, part designer furniture showroom, this three-story loft space in the vibrant, young and alternative Hongdae neighborhood also has a unique café on the ground floor.


Suave Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Suave in Hongdae specializes in handmade caramels, puddings and macaroons. Their caramels are made from 100% cream, heavenly soft and come in varieties such as dry fig, passion fruit and honey!

Little PAPA Pho

Little PAPA Pho Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Be prepared to wait and eat elbow to elbow at the bar at this tiny restaurant in Hapjeong. Little PAPA Pho is one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in the city. But for fans of pho, the Sout

405 Kitchen

405 Kitchen Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

A unique Hongdae cafe in three floors and a terrace, serving mozzarella, bulgogi, chicken sandwich, and a variety of desserts including homemade tiramisu, chocolate cake, cheese cake and tarts.

dal.komm coffee

dal.komm coffee Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

This eye-catching cafe is a Hongdae Landmark. The building defines this kitsch and quirky cafe. Dal.komm in Korean means sweet and their concept is contemporary music and events with musicians.


Kanemaya Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Kanemaya is a trendy Japanese udon restaurant serving up some authentic udon soups and other classic Japanese every-day meal. Located just behind the famous Mural Alley in Hongik University area.


Sukkara Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

This Japanese-inspired Hongdae hideaway set around an open kitchen manages to hit every category of libation as well as provide a limited, all-organic food and drinks menu.


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