Samseongdong Cafés

Seoul is café crazy. It is difficult to find a building without a café in Seoul. The majority of all the cafés are major brand chain stores. But there are also many smaller unique and trendy establishments here that are some of the best in Seoul!

Seoulites have a Korean style café culture called 'dabang'. It comes with sofa seatings and impeccable service for many years but nowadays people drink their coffee everywhere, often in trendy neighborhoods where you go to see and be seen. One such example is 'Coffee Smith' in Garuso-gil Street. From Macdonald's and Dunkin' Donuts to Starbucks and small individually owned roasting cafés, Seoulites seem to have an insatiable thirst for coffee, cakes and comfortable seatings. There are many vast options here...we've tried to list the ones that have, not only great coffee, but also atmosphere... something else to offer in terms of concept, food, interior design and people! In other words, cafés that are popular with locals and can be hard to find on your own. And if you still don't know where to go...check out our list of the six best coffeshops in Seoul.

Chicu Chicu Pet Cafe & Shop

Chicu Chicu Pet Cafe & Shop Samseongdong, Seoul Metropolitan City

Miss your dog? Or maybe you just feel like sharing your cafe space with a few friendly quadrupeds? Come alone or bring some of your same-species friends to Chicu Chicu for some furry companionship!


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