Haebangchon Pubs and Breweries

Koreans love beer. In fact Koreans love everything that includes alcohol. Seoul actually has a moderate number of good brew pubs that offer their own brewed beer on tap, as well as international selections of draft beers. We've handpicked a few of the local establishments, often run by expats or Koreans who have travelled abroad.

Most of the brew pubs in Seoul have traditionally been modeled after German style brauhauses with large hall seating areas serving Korean and German draft beer. You can find these brew pubs in basements of large hotels, near Gangnam station and spread out in downtown Seoul. Also in Itaewon and the backareas of Itaewon like Gyeongnidan and Haebangchon, you'll find a booming micro brewing culture started by expats.

Phillies Pub

Phillies Pub Haebangchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

Phillies Pub is Haebangchon's original foreigner pub. A favourite with locals and out-of-towners alike, Phillies caters for all types. Whether it's taking in NHL, NFL and live Premiership games on th


Bonny's Haebangchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Bonny's offers that often sought but seldom delivered combination of delicious food, a huge selection of beer from around the world & a great spot to watch the game - all at agreeable prices

The Hidden Cellar

The Hidden Cellar Haebangchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

The Hidden Cellar is an International tasting store that sells all kinds of booze, including wine, craft beer and spirits.


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