Seoul Korean Style Pubs

In Seoul, a Korean style bar is a a place that serves drinks with food. You will see these small establishments all over the city. The main focus of these places is drinking and they do it well as prices are always spot on.

So what can you expect from Korean style bars in Seoul? They're usually called a 'Hof' or a 'Sul-jib' which literally means 'alchohol house'. These places have an open plan bar with simple tables and seats. For people having parties or in a large group, Hof bars and Suljibs are great places to visit. The food served here varies from place to place, but the most common food is fried chicken or some kind of meat dish. Even though the hof bars serve many different kinds of food, the main focus is still alchohol. The food, often meat, Korean Barbecue is tasty and when eaten with alcohol, Koreans call these meals; snack- or party food. 

MIES Container

MIES Container Gangnam-Station, Seoul Metropolitan City

MIES container is a phenomenon in Seoul. It quickly became the most talked about place in Gangnam Station Area due to their concept. Handsome male staff and cheesy food. What a combination you'd think

Ssada Maekju

Ssada Maekju Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Cheap beer! Ssada Maekju offers unlimited refill on draft beer and soju. Price you ask? only 9,900 and 5,000 WON respectively. What better place to drink if you are broke or on a budget.

Han Chu

Han Chu Garosu-gil-Street, Seoul Metropolitan City

The main menu here is fried chicken, although Han Chu is especially crowded at dinner times by people wanting a cold beer after a long day at work. The fried chicken and the seasoned chicken are the m

Chi Mc

Chi Mc Gangnam-Station, Seoul Metropolitan City

Chi Mc is a hip gastro pub interpretation of the classic Chicken and Beer combination, and it's run by the famous SM Entertainment! Chi Mc literally means Chicken and Beer in Korean.

Bangbeom Pocha

Bangbeom Pocha Gyeongnidan, Seoul Metropolitan City

Bangbeom Pocha is hot. Everyone is talking about this small Korean dining pub and you can see it in many magazines. One reason could be that the three owners are somewhat celebrities themselves


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