Hongdae Nightlife

Finding nightlife in Seoul is not a difficult task. Everywhere you go, you will see Koreans, expats, friends, couples, students and business people partying it up. Whether you like clubs, lounges or bars or perhaps pool parties? Seoul by night is...

Surprisingly unique...some say crazy, but in a good way. This is probably the first impression most people get when they experience Seoul by night. It is hard to overstate how much nighlife this city acommodates. The national past time is drinking and Seoulites simply love to go out and have fun. Koreans work hard and play hard, so what better way to spend their free time, than meeting friends over a shared meal and a few (sometimes more) shots of Soju. Try the Korean way of pouring each other's alcohol and experience the typical first, second and third round of drinking - Karaoke included of course and finish the night off in style and go clubbing and rub shoulders with the rich and beautiful in one of the many trendy clubs in Cheongdam and Apgujeong, go bar-hopping and party with the expat crowd in Itaewon or see how Korean students and underground artists party it up Hongdae.

Club LUX

Club LUX Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Free unlimited drinks for ladies until 1am everyday. Yes. Everyday. Club LUX located near the famous Hongdae Playground is the newest upscale Hip Hop club in the Hongdae area with a top of the line so

Joons Bar

Joons Bar Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Joon's Bar' is a newly-opened lounge in the heart of Hongdae! It offers a comfortable environment to meet people and to communicate in various languages. Drinks are cheap!!

Myeong Wol Gwan

Myeong Wol Gwan Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Dive into the dungeon of one of Hongdae's oldest and original Clubs enticing you with great priced drinks and music that will bring back all those nostalgic memories in a relaxed, yet wild atmosphere.

Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar

Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Playground Rooftop Cafe & Bar is one of the most exciting, International Bars in the city bringing you fun events throughout the entire week, a place where you know you'll have fun...

Club M2

Club M2 Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Club M2 in Hongdae is wired with the most advanced audio, video and lighting system in Korea. Wrapped around the largest dance floor in Hongdae. Complete with split-level dancing stages and a balcony.

Factory Underground

Factory Underground Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

We here at Factory Underground set the pace as the leaders of dance music. Visit one of the top clubbing scenes of Seoul that aims to support local artists and DJS including international acts.

Ssada Maekju

Ssada Maekju Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Cheap beer! Ssada Maekju offers unlimited refill on draft beer and soju. Price you ask? only 9,900 and 5,000 WON respectively. What better place to drink if you are broke or on a budget.


Vinyl Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Vinyl is a cool Hongdae Night Spot where you can get cocktails in a zip lock bag. Prices range from 4,000 - 7,000 KRW. Affordable and FUN.


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