Hongdae Clubs

If you a looking to go clubbing in Seoul we have three places for you; Gangnam, Hongdae and Itaewon. These three neighborhoods host all the clubs that are worth visiting in Seoul. We'll help you choose the best from hundreds of clubs in Seoul.

Don't despair. If there's one thing Seoul has plenty of, it's clubbing. It might be hard to frequent all your favorite clubs and accept invitations from promoters in one night! But luckily there's Club Day in Hongdae, where you can get a pass and frequent multiple clubs in one night. Check out our club picks here to find the best party venues this city has to offer. In Seoul, club goers dress to impress and there's usually a free drink included in the entrance fee. Hongdae clubs are known for their younger university crowd, the clubs in Gangnam and Cheongdam clubs are mostly frequented by working professionals and international club-goers and finally - the Itaewon nightlife scene is famous for it all due to the mixed crowd of foreigners and Koreans...don't miss out!

Club LUX

Club LUX Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Free unlimited drinks for ladies until 1am everyday. Yes. Everyday. Club LUX located near the famous Hongdae Playground is the newest upscale Hip Hop club in the Hongdae area with a top of the line so

Myeong Wol Gwan

Myeong Wol Gwan Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Dive into the dungeon of one of Hongdae's oldest and original Clubs enticing you with great priced drinks and music that will bring back all those nostalgic memories in a relaxed, yet wild atmosphere.

Club M2

Club M2 Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

Club M2 in Hongdae is wired with the most advanced audio, video and lighting system in Korea. Wrapped around the largest dance floor in Hongdae. Complete with split-level dancing stages and a balcony.

Factory Underground

Factory Underground Hongdae, Seoul Metropolitan City

We here at Factory Underground set the pace as the leaders of dance music. Visit one of the top clubbing scenes of Seoul that aims to support local artists and DJS including international acts.


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