Goodfellas Social Gathering/Networking Event


Thu May 26th 2016 to Sat Dec 31st 2016
Ritz Carlton Gangnam, Seoul Metropolitan City, Gangnam-gu
Goodfellas Social Gathering Party


Goodfellas is a weekly Social Gathering with young professionals from a diverse range of occupations communicating with one another using English. Swing on by and meet some great people and extend your network within Korea! As the group is dominantly young Korean professionals, they are currently seeking International members to make the gathering more multi-cultural and to have a broader array of discussion with people from more various backgrounds. Date: Every Saturday from 7pm - 10pm Venue: Grand Intercontinental Hotel (Coex) Drinks: Wine, Snack Dress code: No specific dress code but try your best to look good. Parties are typically held on Saturday from 7-10 pm at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel (Coex) by Sinnonhyeon Station, Exit #4. An open bar is provided along with snacks. The party will be held in a private suite room. Typically 30-40 members attend the meetings each week. This is a great opportunity to meet dynamic personalities in top end professions. It is a laid back atmosphere where one can mingle and meet new people. Goodfellas is exclusively for regular members. We strongly advise our members and guests to act in a professional manner as this is a semi-formal event. Regular members normally pay an annual membership fee (200,000 won) and pay a cover charge (30,000) at each meeting, but for our new foreign members, we won't charge the annual membership fee. You will simply be charged a fee of W10,000 each time you attend. The reason you pay much less than our regular Korean members, is because you may feel a little burden as some regular members don’t speak perfect English. Do not worry, most of our members are quite comfortable conversing in English so you’ll basically be able to simply enjoy yourself! If you like to interact with others and meet new people, please send me a text message with a brief self introduction, and a picture. Mobile: 010-4391-2242 Kakao ID: jaeexp