Jung-gu Massage and Spas

Seoul is full of spas. The Korean style bath houses 'jjimjil-bang' are everywhere in Seoul. They are a combination of spa and sauna in one and Seoulites can easily spend an entire day there. The Western style spas are typically located insid hotels.

Western style spas in Seoul are typically located inside hotels or have their own stand alone building, such as the boutique and luxury spas that you will find in Gangnam and Hannam-dong. Some of the most popular things to do while in Seoul is trying the world class spas and beauty clinics that the city has to offer. It is pampering and affordable lucxury at its highest and second to none. Call it what you want; urban retreat, luxurious escape etc. One thing is for sure, going to a spa feels amazing and few people would say no to the opportunity of spending an afternoon at a spa. Relax, rejuvenate, exercise, get pampered and return back to your shopping, sightseeing and appointments energized, transformed and feeling, perhaps even looking, 10 years younger. You'll also find the best masssage places in Seoul on these pages. Sports, thai, foot, back, chinese, Seoul has it all and we will profile the best value places here and the most popular places as well.

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul Jung-gu-, Seoul Metropolitan City

Unlike most other luxury hotels in Seoul, the spa-concept is an essential part of this hotel and not an accessory. This urban oasis offers guests a welcome chance to escape the city, and to relax with


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