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Seoul is a city booming with beauty shops and beauty clinics. Some local Koreans refer to Korea as 'plastic kingdom' due to the many plastic surgeries being done here. Reason? It's inexpensive compared to most western countries and the standard here is extremely high.  

Plastic surgery clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics, or what you may wish to call it, Seoul has it all! Put in short, it is the plastic surgery capital of the world. No country has more surgery done per 1000 people than South Korea. And the best clinics are all here in Seoul city. It is affordable, safe and well-reputed. People come from all over the world to get surgery done here. Besides the numerous plastic surgery clinics here, Seoul is also home to many cool tattoo shops, they're popular due to the K-pop wave. Many fans, mostly other Asians from China, Japan and Hong Kong, fly into Seoul just to get a tattoo from the same artists who are also working with the biggest K-pop stars in Korea. And take Laser eye surgery as an example...people flock here to get their vision corrected by laser, it's inexpensive, safe and Koreans are the best when it comes to laser eye correction. Who wouldn't want to have new eyes with a 20/20 vision for less than 1000$? The beautry treatment options here are endless, get your hair and nails done, or how about a pedicure or a massage? You can also try some of the many fish spas here, they're extremely popular. Most of the beauty clinics in Seoul are located near major subway stations like Myeongdong and Apgujeong in Cheongdam has an entire street named after its vast number of plastic surgeries, 'Plastic Surgery Street. Hongdae is also a good place to go of you need a new look or simply want to treat yourself. Due to the many young university students here, this area is abound with small, unique and inexpensive beauty shops. In Seoul you can receive the best plastic and cosmetic surgery ranging from rhinoplasty, double eye lid, forehead grafting, breast augmentation, brazilian hip up, v line jaw, calf reduction, liposuction, botox and much more. Just check the pages and you'll find what you are looking for. All our clinics are able to service foreigners and have a good reputation!  My Destination Seoul gives you free consultation access to the best cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, Korea! All of our partner clinics are free of charge if you meetup and say you found their clinic through our website.

HER SHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

HER SHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Cheongdam, Seoul Metropolitan City

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HER SHE is one of the few surgery clinics to be recommended by the Gangnam-gu local government. This is a rare honor. Browse through their gallery and read the info and you will see why!

ME Cosmetic Clinic

ME Cosmetic Clinic Cheongdam, Seoul Metropolitan City

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Me Cosmetic Clinic is a brand new clinic located in the ritzy Cheongdam area within Seoul. They specialize in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Obesity Care and Hair Transplantation...

Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic

Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic Cheongdam, Seoul Metropolitan City

LEEMONWON clinic specializes in hair loss treatment to provide you with a full range of hair-related solutions and services. Using only organic natural products we blend nature and science...

Marzia Healing Spa

Marzia Healing Spa Cheongdam, Seoul Metropolitan City

Marzia Healing Spa's good reputation is mainly because of manager Yoon. She has worked with some of the best spas in the UK and has looked after countless celebrities when they've been staying in Lond


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