Sinchon Theme-Design Motels

Theme-Design Motels in Seoul are eye-catching, fun and inexpensive compared to how much room you get. But don't expect breakfast served in bed and a state-of-the-art gym in the basement. Consider them for their novelty decor and affordability.

What used to be labeled as a love motel in Seoul is now being called a theme, or design hotel today. Many of these new so-called theme-design hotels have played a big part in making motels acceptable and even sought after for launching parties, birthdays and romantic getaways. Most Theme-Design Motels in Seoul are far from seedy. We're not talking Hilton standard, but pretty plush for the price, and clean of course. Finding a nice one isn't that hard. In fact, we have already chosen some of the best for you. You should really consider them for their cheap price, large novelty rooms and wonderful bathrooms. Recommended for single travelers and couples as some bathrooms have translucent walls. If you prioritize room quality and price over service and hotel facilities and if you want to stay somewhere more luxurious than a hostel and more unique than a standard hotel this is the choice. Hotel staff may not speak much English. But they will always try and help guests as much as possible.

La Nuit Hotel Seoul

La Nuit Hotel Seoul Sinchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

La Nuit Hotel, is a theme-design motel situated near Sinchon Station and Hongik University Area. Jacuzzi, Nintendo Wii, hundreds of TV channels and free popcorn!

Design Hotel Jade

Design Hotel Jade Sinchon, Seoul Metropolitan City

In the past couple of years, theme and design motels have sprung up and they have become enormously popular among Seoulites. Jade Hotel is one of the more known ones and have been feautured on CNNgo.


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