Daehangno Accommodation

Seoul has everything you can possibly imagine from conventional hopitality at its finest to frugality at its best. But in terms of accommodation, the city also offers stunning theme-design motels to boutique hotels, guesthouses and hostels.

Popular accommodation areas in Seoul are near major shopping districts such as Myeongdong or Dongdaemun and near Insadong however, location may not be the deiciding factor in choosing your accommodation since public transportation in Seoul is cheap and taxis too. If you want an authentic experience try a traditional Korean hanok housing experience? Or perhaps you've heard about the infamous love motels with their crazy wonderland designed rooms? Don't worry, we've got you covered. The theme-design motels in Seoul are extremely sought after by Seoulites for their glitzy decor and sometimes amazing amenities such as in-room karaoke rooms, swimming pools and pool tables. Also a hit among travelers are the popular boutique guesthouses or the hip boutique hotels. Be aware that some cater to women only. Most of them are located in some of the trendier areas of seoul like Garuso-gil Street and Cheongdam, south of the river.

Bong House

Bong House Daehangno, Seoul Metropolitan City

Maybe you've heard of B&B, bed and breakfast but at Bong House it is called bed and beer. Yes that's right. Every guest get a free beer every night of their stay. Drink it at the Bong Bar next door.

Hanok Friends House 2

Hanok Friends House 2 Daehangno, Seoul Metropolitan City

Why not try staying in a traditional Korean Hanok house while you are in Seoul? The kind, dedicated staff and great facilities make this guesthouse a favorite among travelers. Same owners as House 1.


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